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Electoral College Confirms Biden as Next President


Joe Biden is undoubtedly the next President of America, which was confirmed on December 14th after the “US Electoral College Votes” were recounted multiple times. It marks the final step towards Biden receiving office by January 2020, which was evidently clear before recounts were compiled. November’s Election saw Joe Biden acquire 306 Electoral Votes, with Donald Trump receiving 232.

The drama involved with President Donald Trump hasn’t stopped after learning the US Electoral College Votes favour Biden. America’s current President continues to state he’ll not accept the result & won’t leave the White House. The last time something of this nature happened in America, there was a civil war. It’s something Donald Trump has suggested already & confirmed that if required, he’ll have another White House developed to content the Presidency of Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump has worked aggressively towards defeating & ruining any opportunity of Joe Biden reaching office, making bashful claims about the Biden Family, claiming that Russians worked alongside the Bidens, and countless other ridiculous sentiments which educated individuals know to be untrue. Trump’s continued parade for attention has witnessed increase attention for the US Electoral Voting System in 2020.

Illegal Claims from Trump

That’s the exclusive method maintained to eliminate any opportunity of hacking & voter fraud. It means that denials from Donald Trump are unrealistic & hold no legal merits. Subsequently, Trump lost whatever remaining merits he held with office. He’ll likely be the first President since Nixon to not be allowed back into the White House.

Concerns surrounding the November Election were prominent because of claims made by Donald Trump. Heightened security was seen throughout Georgia & Michigan at voting locations, with law enforcement guarantying that Trump supporters don’t attack Biden constituents. Attacks were seen nationwide at multiple voting locations, with the overwhelming percentage committed by Trump supporters. It indicates the growing pattern of violence in America, which was fueled by the 2016-20 POTUS.