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Early News: Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)


Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) may have made Google envy but Google has also made the social networking giant envy after the launch of the search additions.

Facebook has said that people can now check status updates, check-ins, photo captions as well as comments on the search option from both their own as well as friends’ timelines.

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The firm said that people would be able to search for specific things which would bring up results on any shared item or comments.

This may scare some of the users who may worry that it would affect their privacy and that their comments would can be searched. For preventing such concerns, the firm has come up with the privacy shortcuts page, which would allow people to review and hide past activities on the site. The firm also confirmed that it would rolling out updates slowly.

The firm had expanded features earlier in the year by allowing users to hunt through their network for finding friends having a common link.

Search engine giant Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) has given a set of proposals in order to escape EU antitrust censure. This was revealed by the vice president in charge of competition policy.

Negotiations are on until September end and Joaquín Almunia confirmed that they were better than the initial possibilities.

Almunia opined that among subtle changes would be how the company would be treating queries entered in Google in whatever form they are either spoken or written.

He agreed that this is a vital part of the settlement and said that the search industry has transformed.

He said that the industry is constantly evolving and that the services have changed many times since the firm began its operations.

Almunia did not comment on any matter pertaining to the ongoing case but he highlighted that the firm has offered to put rival links in prominent positions on the search results pages.

The company has been accused of scraping third-party services for data and then threatening them by downgrading their search rank.