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Donald Trump’s Sister Attacks His Character


Those standing against Donald Trump, the President of the United States, were pleasantly surprised when his eldest sister referenced her brothers’ character. These references weren’t positive, as the majority of Trump family members have disassociated themselves with Donald. Leaked recordings from Maryanne Trump Barry were released from her niece, Mary Trump. Maryanne’s niece released a novel in July 2020 that targeted her Uncle, Donald Trump.

Maryanne Trump Barry is heard saying that her brother’s tweeting & consistent lying is cruel phoniness taught through her uncle and father. When news outlets in America questioned Donald’s niece, she referenced that recordings were made to insure herself from litigation. It should be mentioned that Donald Trump has sued multiple members of his family, claiming their remarks are defamatory & attacks to his character. With Mary Trump’s protection, she’s been exonerated from Donald’s vicious behaviour. The President of America merely stated that every day it’s something new, and who cares about his niece. The lack of empathy in Donald Trump is more significant than any president beforehand.

America’s capital newspaper first reported on this story, with the Washington Post clarifying that died members in the Trump family paid for Donald’s SAT Exams. It meant that the critical basis of his education, the very thing that permitted his rise in business & into a position of presidency, was falsified.

Maryanne Trump Barry was heard stating in these leaked recordings that Donald wants to appeal specifically to his constituents & doesn’t care about numerous American policies. These sentiments were about President Donald Trump holding children at Immigration Detention Centres at the US/Mexico Border. Mexican youth held against their will were treated horrifically, with stories indicating substantial child abuse. It’s issues like these & countless others that prompted Donald’s niece, Mary Trump, to release a book titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Create the World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

False Education

The most notable highlight of this novel is that Donald Trump’s uncle & father paid an unknown entity to complete the SAT Test for their nephew/son. Maryanne Barry Trump reflected that Donald’s admission into the University of Pennsylvania was based on cheating. It should be noted that years ago, Maryanne was supportive of her brother’s endeavours. That changed when he began committing to ridiculous policies that negatively benefited the American public, with Maryanne unable to support these decisions as a former US District Attorney Judge.