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Donald Trump Attacks Democrats Over Portland


The President of America, Donald Trump, has begun targeting Joe Biden & the Democratic Political Party for the violence that’s unfolded in Portland. The state of Oregon has seen an influx of riots throughout the Portland region after Minneapolis law enforcement killed George Floyd, and now it’s happened again to Jacob Black from the state of Wisconsin. Jacob’s death prompted another round of protests, which President Donald Trump has blamed Portland’s Mayor for not stopping.

President Trump believes that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has allowed for increased destruction & death throughout the region. However, Presidential Elect Joe Biden claims that his opponent is encouraging violence throughout Portland by not requesting his supporters stop attacking African American protests. Trump’s negligence with stopping violent riots came tenfold when one of his supporters was killed in Portland. The killed rioter was wearing a right-wing political shirt, the Patriot Prayer Group. Details of what this Caucasian man did to evoke law enforcement retaliating with shots fired wasn’t identified.

Portland is an iconic city for African American demonstrations. For decades, the Black communities of this region have faced police brutality & systematic racism. When George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis on May 25th by law enforcement, international outrage against racism towards African Americans occurred. Worldwide protests have followed in support of the “Black Lives Matter Movement”.

The Downfall

Presidential Elect Joe Biden didn’t hesitate to fight back against President Trump, evoking that Donald might believe “Law & Order” is what makes him an influential leader but that’s far from the case. He’s failed to request constitutions to stop seeking conflict against African American lives. The “Law & Order” that President Trump indicates is one of white supremacy.

Political analysts believe that President Donald Trump is using the nation-wide violence associated with the “Black Lives Matter Movement” to increase his likelihood of re-election. Campaign advertisements focus on pleasing his constitutions, informing his unintelligent constitutions that their violent actions are bringing “Law & Order” throughout America. This behaviour is highly concerning and could evoke a level of racism in the United States that hasn’t been seen since the Civil War.