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Dire Situation in Belarus Grows Worse


The Belarusian President has faced an onslaught of hatred from his people in recent months. This follows after Alexander Lukashenko has maintained a growing relationship with Russia, resulting in five back-to-back victories in “Democratic Elections”. It’s known that throughout each of the elections that’ve occurred in Belarus since their sovereignty was granted, Russia’s Kremlin has gotten involved & disrupted the viability of these elections.

It’s prompted thousands of Belarus citizens to protest regularly against President Alexander Lukashenko since his recent victory. The latest protest occurred in Minsk, the Capital of Belarus & was named the “March of Freedom”. Those involved chanted against the ongoing police violence in Belarus and rigged elections. President Alexander Lukashenko responded by calling these civilians “Rats” and demanding his supporters defend their country with violent actions. It’s another step closer towards the inevitable Belarus Civil War.

Russian Involvement

Lukashenko has rallied the protection of Vladimir Putin, contacting the President of Russia twice throughout August 14th to 15th. These conversations resulted in Vladimir Putin providing “Security Assistance” for the Belarusian Police Force & Military. This means that Russian Military Officers will shortly arrive onto the borders on Belarus, enforcing their definition of justice onto citizens that were freedom in their nation.

It’s expected that NATO will send “Battle Groups” from allied nations like Canada, Britain, Germany, and the United States in retaliation to the announcement that Vladimir Putin is getting involved. Recent actions from Belarus’s leader with Russia’s President share horrifying similarities to the Ukraine, which is under the control of the Kremlin.

It should be mentioned that the elite opposing force against President Alexander Lukashenko has fled the country, leaving shortly after the recent election turned against her favour. Opposition Candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was told that 80.1% of the votes were in favour of Alexander Lukashenko. However, Political Analysts in support of Belarus’s freedom revealed that accurate counts without the involvement of Russia would’ve resulted in 65% favouring for Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

State Employees Forced to President Lukashenko’s Rally

Reports regarding the recent rallies for President Alexander Lukashenko revealed that State-Employees were forced to attend, making the communist-bearing leader seem more prevalent than what’s become a reality over decades. This employed personnel were informed that refusal to participate would prompt termination. Hundreds have lost their jobs, while hundreds of others do whatever is required to ensure their families safety.