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Detroit Cop Believes He’s D’Wan Sims


The nation has been floored with the re-emittance of D’Wan Sims. Back in 1994, he was the most famous child in America. The four-year-old magically vanished and wasn’t ever heard from again. There wasn’t any evidence that he was kidnapped, murdered, or sold into sex trafficking. More than 25 years later and evidence has come out from a Detroit Police Officer regarding this mysterious case. Captain Ronald Taig from the Livonia Police Department believes that he is this young boy and that he’s willing to provide DNA Evidence for confirmation.

The Captain made this announcement through Facebook in association with the Livonia Police Department. However, the police department noted after his original statement that Ronald Taig didn’t want to make this information public at first. His decision wavered, prompting the immediate assistance of his fellow officers and other local law enforcement agencies. Ronald Taig noted that his supposed father was revealed to be a fake, with information regarding his original parents being kept secret. Ronald Taig also said that his police training told him that his phoney father was acting in a concerning and suspicious manner.

The Details

D’Wan Sims was initially reported missing in December 1994 at the Livonia Mall. Video evidence indicates that this child was lost from his parents, with potential captors not seen because of technology limitations at the time. Ronald Taig noted that his childhood was kept 90% indoors, shuttered away from society. This is what prompted his career in police enforcement.

Ronald Taig hasn’t contacted his potential mother, leaving re-connection up to her. Mrs Sims was mistreated in the courts, mainly because of her skin colour and because of another public child kidnapping case at the time in America. Sims always maintained her innocence and was ultimately found not guilty from video footage. Ronald Taig will now provide his DNA to Livonia Law Enforcement, where they will try to match it with D’Wan Sims. Anything above a 70% chance would guarantee that Taig is D’Wan Sims, which would change this man’s life in every essence.