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Despite a Massive 40-0 Defeat One Incredible Football Team is Still Smiling


News articles normally focus on the biggest wins or the football player scoring the most goals. Yet a recent article in the Mirror told the tail of one of the bravest football teams, which still managed to smile after suffering a defeat of 40-0.

Being at the wrong end of the hammer is not easy, and although the RNAS Culdrose Ladies team was only able to field eight players, it suffered a major defeat against their local rival Helston. The football match took place in the FM Cornwall Women’s League. No matter how you look at it, the past season was as tough as it gets for the Culdrose team, which became quite accustomed to losing. They played eleven games in which they conceded 177 goals and the team itself only scored three, the only win they enjoyed was a total walkover.

Score Never Reflected the Culdrose Attitude

Despite the scoreline showing a defeat of 40-0, the team continues to smile. This is a great way for any team to show good spirit, but one thing the score not reflects is the Culdrose attitude as no matter what, the team continued playing their best.

The match that somehow made the Culdrose team legends due to their extremely positive attitude was tough from the start, after just 20 minutes of play the score was 4 -0. By half-time, it was quite clear that the game was not going their way as the score increased to 18 -0. It was clear that Helston was not giving up and continued to play as well as they could, while their good spirit never failed this team.

Good Spirits Wins The Game Despite The Thrashing Score

The Helston team was only formed late in the summer and had to make a special appeal to earn a place. The FA granted them a place despite many other players that competed for the league at higher levels. Yet, the team was not allowed to participate in higher leagues, but still, the team hoped that they could win.

Ciaran Nash, the coach of the Culdrose team, was awarded as the FA Manager of the Month for how he inspired his team and worked with them throughout many difficulties. Nash felt extremely honoured, but he also said he was so shocked to win such an award. He gives all the credit to the team and the girls continuing to show up every week, without failure to train and work hard. The coach also shared that the team continues improving and what really makes him proud to be their coach is the fact that they keep positive and continues to train no matter what.

One thing that is clear is that the team is gaining the respect of the crowd due to their visibly positive attitude no matter the outcome of the match. During the summer members voted 7 – 4 against the team’s late admission, the Helston team, appealed against the decision of the FA and were finally allowed to enter the league.