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Dealer Mistakes? $41.5 Million Loss in Baccarat – High Roller Refuse to Pay


The news of a high roller refusing to pay a baccarat loss worth $41.5 million made headlines everywhere, and the reason for his refusal is that the dealer made mistakes. But to understand the situation you have to start at the beginning.

A baccarat whale from Singapore decided to visit the Star Gold Coast Casino and was flown there in his private jet. He had one goal in mind, and that was to drop millions at the high-stakes tables and win millions in profits. However, Wong Yew Choy now finds himself sued by Star Gold Coast Casino for the most considerable gambling debt ever in the history of Singapore. Wong Yew Choy, for his part, is not paying and continues to claim that he got a terrible deal.

Court Documents in Queensland Casino vs Wong Yew Choy Case

According to the court case documents, Wong Yew Choy, a businessman from Singapore arrived on the 26th of July at the Queensland Casino. By the 1st of August, he managed to spend eight-figure amounts at the casino before he returned to Singapore. Wong refused to pay what is owed to the casino and claims that the Star dealer made several mistakes during his week-long gambling session, the nature of the mistakes is unspecified.

Star Entertainment QLD, the operator of Star Gold Coast Casino, sues Wong Yew Choy for A$43.2 million the equivalent of $30.6 million. According to The Straits Times, it is the largest debt in gambling every to reach the courts in an Asian island city-state.

High Rollers Extended Credit Lines

It is quite the norm in casinos to offer extended credit lines to high-rollers to be settled later. In most cases these credits are non-negotiable, and the VIP player places a cash deposit with the casino. Wong provided the casino with a blank check as security, leaving the completion of the examination to the casino. Although, when the casino attempted to cash in the check linked to a Singapore bank, they had no luck as it bounced. Wong recalls the whole episode differently; his version of the events is that the casino invited him and gifted him with an A$200,000 welcome bonus as soon as he arrived and offered him an A$40 million credit line. He decided to not gamble any further on the 29th of July after being infuriated by the mistakes of the dealer. Casino officials in writing acknowledged these mistakes.

Wong also claims that he made it very clear that he would not pay, and the VIP host then persuaded him to continue and at the same time increased his line of credit to A$50 million. Wong accepted on the agreement of no further mistakes by the dealers. Wong claims that the errors continued, and he decided to return to Singapore and place a stop payment on the check, which he believes is within the agreement with the casino. His lawyers describe that their client is one of the most respected casino patrons’ around the globe.