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Cricket World Cup Recap


The Cricket World Cup has been gripping the attention of cricket fans internationally, and all are focused on England. So far weather played along well, and rain caused only one delay this far in the tournament. By now all the teams have played at least one game. Some caused reason for joy and others tend to be a source of frustration to their supporters.

India vs South Africa

South Africa played a conservative game against India as if they had an exaggerated fear for the team’s attack. Through the 50 overs, the batsmen could never bring the score on the board up high enough for a win. India is considered as the best when we talk about chasing, and because South Africa didn’t present much of a challenge, India ended up in the leading position quickly.

England vs Pakistan

England played with victory and crushed South Africa with 104 runs on day one. This victory was placed in a different perspective when only a few days later Pakistan took the win against England with 14 runs. England brought a strong bowling attack to the game, and since they were playing against a reliable and fit Pakistani team, losing was always a possibility. A possibility which became a reality due to terrible fielding on the English side.

Australia vs Afghanistan

Australia is the one major team who has only played once this far. The team they played is considered as probably the weakest team in the tournament. Australia won with seven wickets still standing, so it is hard to judge them at this stage. Nevertheless, their bowling was impeccable, and they will have the opportunity to show their true capabilities to stronger teams soon. Afghanistan did put in a strong effort against Sri Lanka, and even though their game was varying between tremendous and dreadful, the rain did put a damper on their spirits, and if it wasn’t for that, one could only wonder whether their inconsistency can maybe be beneficial to them at some stage.

West-Indies vs Pakistan

The West-Indies crushed Pakistan on this one. All was over for Pakistan with seven wickets still standing. The West-Indies are masters at short bowling, and that certainly assisted them in this win over Pakistan. Still, the game had some poor fielding, and this was punished on the scoreboard. The conclusion, the West-Indies for sure seems to be a force to reckon with, and their match against Australia is expected to be challenging for both teams.

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka

New Zealand just dominated the entire game and defeated Sri Lanka with ten wickets still standing. With slightly more effort they also took the winnings from Bangladesh and are probably expecting another easy win over Afghanistan. Being at home in the conditions in England, which much resembles their requirements at home is definitely to their benefit. Between the big names and the big games, it is, however, Afghanistan which delivers exciting viewing. Possibly because they are a testimony to the fact that smaller teams can also play with the big boys.