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Covid Surge in America Expected After Thanksgiving


Doctor Anthony Fauci from the United States has issued new warnings for Covid-19. Considered an expert in infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci emphasised to Americans that multiple surges of coronavirus will follow after Thanksgiving & cause thousands of deaths before December 24th. Warnings from Doctor Fauci extended towards Christmas & Boxing Day, mentioning that surge levels will increase tenfold from November 30th to January 1st. Upwards of 200+ thousand Americans are expected to die.

Those deaths will follow after civilians refused to adhere by warnings, which requested that tourists avoid travelling to family in the United States. Doctor Anthony Fauci noted that American’s could eliminate these surges for Christmas & Boxing Day by avoiding leaving their homes. Surges won’t be stopped during Thanksgiving, with thousands seen travelling by plane to other states in America.

Photographic evidence shows these individuals not wearing facemasks & avoiding sanitation stations. This isn’t surprising when considering the United States statistically has sustained thirteen million cases of Covid-19, with almost three hundred thousand deaths. Those numbers are expected to repeat following surges throughout Thanksgiving to Boxing Day.

Doctor Anthony Fauci issued these warnings on every platform possible, knowing that Thanksgiving weekend is America’s busiest weekend for domestic travel. It’s estimated an average of 26 million civilians travel during Thanksgiving, with that number expected to decrease by 75% in 2020. Statistics confirmed by the “Transport Security Administration” indicate that more than one million domestic travellers attended airport checkpoints from November 23rd to 30th. America hasn’t witnessed airport activity at this level since before the pandemic, giving an understanding of Doctor Anthony Fauci’s concerns.

Death Imminent

Warnings regarding surges throughout America wasn’t exclusively sustained via Thanksgiving travel. Doctor Fauci emphasised that New York City cannot reopen educational facilities for December, with schools shutting down nationwide after American’s second outbreak. Fauci warned that deaths of parents & children would follow from May Bill de Blasio’s decision.