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Could Wayne Rooney Stick to His No-Gambling Vow


The announcement by Wayne is now a few weeks old, and it causes less of a buzz in the sports world. A week or so ago, he shocked and surprised the world by announcing that he is done with gambling. He’s promised that his focus has shifted to his children and his wife, his only desire being to save his marriage. Many blamed his wife and said she would be the end of his successful career, but in truth, it was the criticism of the church and other anti-gambling organizations that got him to make the announcement. His wife did influence his decision to go back to Derby as she is incredibly lonely in the United States of America.

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Shockingly, she gets the blame after he took a Florida barmaid on an adventure in February that the whole world knows about. Even if she did put a stop to his gambling spending, it is for his good. Wayne Rooney thought nothing of it to place bets worth £4,000 per minute on roulette and other casino games. There is the time when the news-papers reported on a casino session that lasted only two hours, but in which he spends more than £500,000! Does it matter who got him to open his eyes in such a case? His wife or the church detected that things are getting out of control.

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But in the media, Wayne Rooney is now sharply criticized for his announcement to leave gambling behind. The sports superstar earns £90,000 a week, and a considerable portion of that is paid by leading online casino 32Red. It is also the reason why he wears the 32 number on his shirt as the casino support his income. At the same time, 32Red is even paying his move back to the United Kingdom. Rooney never said that he would not represent the casino or stop wearing the number 32 on his back. He is done with placing bets, not promoting 32Red casino, so the two have not much to do with each other in terms of the vow. Rooney needs to focus on saving his family, and he is ready to do so regardless of what it would take.

Moving Back to the UK from the US – The next step in Wayne Rooney’s Career

The move to the United States was the right move for Rooney; he could finally feel free to go out and enjoy all the entertainment. It was less beneficial to his wife, who was lonely and missed her family in the UK. But they are going home, and maybe all the upsets will pay off, and he will stay committed to his family.