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Coronavirus Survives for 28 Days in Lab Conditions


The Australian National Science Agency has released new data regarding the COVID-19 virus. It follows after the ANSA held a prolonged experiment in specialized lab conditions for two months. Findings were triple checked & data revealed that the coronavirus could live on surfaces like phone screens for 28 days. Other surfaces that sustain COVID-19 for this timeframe includes stainless steel & paper banknotes.

This information is challenging to overcome and concerning to think about when regarding sanitation. Most households maintain stainless steel kitchen products, multiple paper banknotes, and billions worldwide hold ownership over some mobile handset. There are particular factors to consider with ANSA’s experiment. Lab conditions were perpetrated towards dark environments, where white blood cells die & viruses can thrive. Under the perfect conditions for coronavirus to thrive, it’s maximum lifespan without a willing host was 28 days.

The Australian National Science Agency has urged readers not to amplify this information, with medical experts noting the minimal threat that their findings pose towards the surface transmission. Contracting COVID-19 after 28 days would require a host without white blood cells to spread their mucus in dark environments. COVID-19 is transmitted when talking, sneezing, or couching. Most of these actions are avoided during the night.

Virus Diversity

Experts aren’t taking into account the evidence that shows coronavirus particles can live in the air. However, air-born particles for COVID-19 also require specific conditions to thrive. This virus is deadly when its conditions are best suited towards a dark & cold environment without open space. However, maintaining physical distancing and wearing facemasks can still be enough to battle the coronavirus under these specialized conditions.

Australia’s National Science Agency regarded that SARS-COV-2 is one of the most diverse & robust viruses that they’ve seen in decades. It works similarly to the common cold or flu, meaning its elimination under most conditions is challenging to overcome. Combine that with a robust architecture that can change anytime, combating COVID-19 becomes an overwhelming task. It should be noted that the common cold & flu can sustain a lifespan of fourteen days under identical conditions. This means that the coronavirus is consistent with reports & more potent than the standard flu.