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Conspiracy Frenzy – Elvis Presley


The king of rock, Elvis Presley’s hidden autopsy reports and notes have sparked up a whole new conspiracy frenzy. The whole world is shocked, and most hope that the latest news is true, if so, it would mean the king is alive and have received medical care at a private institution based in a secret location.

The King of Rock Would Be 84 This Year

Outrageous claims are the order of the day as the king’s birthday is nearing. Elvis Presley would be 84 this year, although he sadly passed away in 1977 after he suffered cardiac arrest. Presley, for long-time abused prescription drugs, which is strongly believed to have a major contribution to his death. Millions of fans simply refuse to believe the king of rock and roll had passed away and most base their theories on the unexplained and somewhat bizarre circumstances that did surround the event of his death.

Elvis Presley’s Autopsy Content Report Sealed for 50 Years – Only to be Revealed in 2027

On the same day that Elvis Presley died an autopsy was undertaken to determine the cause of death. Presley’s father immediately sealed the contents of the autopsy report for the next 50 years, and the content will only be available to the public in the year 2027.

With Vernon Presley ensuring that the autopsy details would remain hidden for at least 50 years, the secrecy behind it was what first started and still fuel the rumours that he faked his death and that it is all part of a cover-up. To try to remove the conspiracies a photo of his corpse was placed in the newspapers, but most Elvis Presley fans remain convinced even today, that a wax dummy was used to divert the fans and public from finding out the truth.

The ethics and competence of the two medical professionals at the time of his death were seriously questioned. Fans believe that Dr Francisco offered the reason for his death as underlying ailment caused by cardiac arrhythmia, which is a condition that can only be found while the person is still alive. The other, Dr Nichopoulus was cleared of all wrongdoing even when he prescribed over 10,000 dosed of narcotics, amphetamines and sedatives across only eight months. While at the time his license got suspended for only three months, in the 1990s it was permanently revoked when he faced new charges and the Tennessee Medical Board decided he should not practice.

Elvis’ death was caused by Valsalva manoeuvre according to Frank Coffey, a writer, which is a form of constipation caused by drug abuse. He believes it is the constant strains Elvis suffered that forced his heart to stop, yet none of this matter to the fans who have also recently discovered that the FBI files contain photos of the king taken in 1982, which was dated 16 October, five years after the death of the king.