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China Implanted Chips in Amazon and Apple servers


Both Apple and Amazon deny the reports that they found chips implanted by China that gives the country access to data and computers. According to Bloomberg, sources revealed that the microchips were planted by the military of China inside servers that are now used by US government agencies as well as thirty other firms.

Tiny Microchips Placed by Chinese Military Unit

A new Bloomberg report claims that the military unit of China inserted tiny microchips in all servers used in a computer from two companies, these include Amazon and Apple. The chips provide the Chinese government with unprecedented backdoor access to data and the computers.

The chips are tiny, and in size about the that of the tip of a pencil that is sharpened and due to their design, they are undetectable to the naked eye and can only be found via specialist equipment. The tiny chips were implanted into the server’s motherboards during production in China.

Tiny Chips Created via a Specialised Computer Attack Unit

The chips, which were developed by a unit specialising in computer hardware attacks part of the People’s Liberation Army gives hackers unrestrained access to everything the server did, which allow the hackers to steal data once they had potentially manipulated the server, plus they can also alter operations and contact other servers.

Hardware Hacker, Joe Grand, Disagree with Bloomberg

Experts feel the chips claimed to be implanted by the Chinese would be a hack equal to “god-mode”. Hardware hacker, Grand, says that a chip implant would be highly unlikely an almost impossible occurrence at a state level. But on the other side of the coin, he had to agree that such a possibility could happen and that even though it is unlikely to happen malicious chips could be installed by China’s military, and it is this possibility that sent shock waves through the security world.

Super Micro Computer Sold Alleged Compromised Software to Several Companies

Super Micro Computer sold the alleged compromised software to over 30 companies which includes Amazon and Apple as well as government contractors and banks. Both Apple and Amazon purchased several of the servers, with Apple buying an estimated 7,000 of the super microservers.

The Bloomberg report states that seventeen intelligence sources had knowledge of the fact that Chinese spies placed chips in the equipment, although Super Micro, Apple and Amazon denies that the report holds any truth. Super Micro said it is not aware of such investigations, while Apple commented that they want to make it clear that the company had never found malicious chips planted in the servers. The government of China also denied the report and said that China is a cybersecurity defender, yet the concerns regarding foreign intelligence infiltration the US increased due to the Bloomberg report.