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China Fines Employees Walking Less Than 180,000 Steps!


It might sound like a joke, although it a company in China fined its employees for not walking 180,000 steps in one month and come under fire for this action. The company’s name is not revealed, although it is a real estate firm according to the Times, situated in Guangzhou that has been reported for fining employees 0.01 yuan, equal to 0.1 pence or 0.01 cents for every single step they fail to accomplish short of the target set at 180,000 steps per month.

6,000 Steps Per Day Including Weekends

The target requires employees to walk at least 6,000 steps per day in a 30-day month, including weekends. It may sound an achievable target, although one of the employees, simply known as Little C told the Times Newspaper that due to the frequency of overtime it made it extremely difficult for most staff members to walk the 6,000 steps a day, outside of their long working hours.

Overtime & Long Hours Prevent Employees from Reaching Set Target

Little C also told the paper that everyone understands that the company is trying to encourage its employees to get regular exercise, although most don’t even get enough sleep, which makes the walking target unreachable. Lui Fengmao from one of the local law firms says that the company is in the wrong and have no legal grounds for checking or tracking the steps walked by the employees. Measuring performance according to steps walked is a rule that creates further for any employee and could hold complications for the employer. Fengmao says the complications could include the staff claiming that the time spend walking should be paid for in overtime, and should an injury occur from walking it could potentially be claimed as a workplace incident.

First Ever Company to Enforce Walking Rule

According to the Times, it is the first ever known off, company to enforce the walking rule or the first case where employees are fined for not achieving their target for the number of steps as required by the company. The closest to this case took place in January 2017 when a Chongqing firm was criticised for encouraging staff members to walk 10,000 steps per day. What is even worst in this case is that the step counting target is not only used as a performance indicator, but employees are fined for every step not achieved.

Step Counters Million Dollar Business

Step counters is a million-dollar business worldwide, everyone knows the benefit of tracking how many steps you did for the day and some apps even allow groups to challenge each other. Some feel the company is trying to keep all employees fit and healthy, although others feel the right encouragement is all that is needed and that being fined for missing your goal is completely out of line. Maybe it is time to really pay attention to any company’s rules before you sign on as a new employee.