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US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May

The Apple Company provided an informal memo to all employees throughout the United States. This memo revealed that retail locations wouldn’t be re-opened until May 2020. Announcements on this memo were made by the Bloomberg Report through Dierdre O’Brien, the Retail Chief for Apple in America. She expressed that experts with Apple are continuously monitoring […]

Covid-19 Screening Application Released by Apple

Smartphone Sales Drop Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Manufacturers behind smartphones have become concerned about the rapid decline in profitability over the past two months. These declines are prompted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has infected the globe over and prompted numerous deaths. Strategy Analysts noted that sales dropped by 38% over February, with that percentage expected to increase to 87% over March. […]

US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May

Amazon Removes Thousands of Fake Coronavirus Cures

The coronavirus, it’s become one of the most researched and conversed subject matters globally. Countless products are available online that claimed to have protective products against the coronavirus. Considering that these unverified products were illegal, the Amazon Company announced that it removed the excess of one million products relating to the coronavirus. This followed after […]

US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May

SpaceX Partners with a New Space Tourism Firm

The race for space tourism is increasing, with multiple billionaires spending substantial sums of money to accomplish this feat. The latest announcement regarding this variation of vacationing comes from SpaceX, who confirmed that they’ve partnered with Space Adventures. This tourism firm has organized several trips for eccentric millionaires to the International Space Station, which took […]

US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May

Huawei Disputes Back Door Claims

One of the world’s most prominent telecommunication providers, Huawei, has been accused of creating backdoors. These backdoors enable them to access mobile networks in North America, the European Union and Asia. Wiretapping technologies were implemented to access these network, but Huawei is fighting back against these claims. They claim that the United States of America […]

US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May

Outdated Operating Systems lose WhatsApp

The WhatsApp service won’t be available for millions of smartphones starting February 1st. This followed after the Facebook Company confirmed that outdated operating systems couldn’t support the required security framework needed to secure encrypted messages. Blocking outdated softwares from access to WhatsApp was necessary for the benefit of all other consumers. Subsequently, those maintaining mobile […]

US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May