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Covid Vaccine with 95% Efficiency from Moderna

The Moderna Pharmaceutical Company announced that they’d developed a vaccination that’s 95% effective against the coronavirus. No other corporation or scientific institution has announced a vaccine that supports efficiency ratings of 95%, making Moderna’s announcement prominent in the medical community. Permitting that vaccine efficiency is accurate to Moderna’s assessment, it’d be a turning point against […]

Covid Surge in America Expected After Thanksgiving

Twitter Hacker Arrested by US Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice confirmed that they’d arrested the individual that hacked Twitter earlier in July. This hacker obtained the accounts of high-profile celebrities, politicians, and business personnel that address millions of Americans. The hacker enforced a bitcoin scam that would cause a hundred to lose out on thousands of dollars. The Department […]

Trump Agrees to Biden Transition

Father Angered by Microtransaction Applications

Nations like the United States, United Kingdom & Canada have legislation preventing microtransactions from causing significant harm to their civilians. These laws are often avoided by game developers, with these respective government not willing to enforce their laws. That’s because of the taxes earned through the sale of microtransactions. One British father learned that firsthand […]

Covid Vaccine with 95% Efficiency from Moderna

New Face Mask for Tech Junkies

Technological advancements in our world continuously move forward, with some having substantial effects on the global level & others being pointless. Products like Smart TVs, Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Smart Home Technologies have altered the way civilians engage in our daily routines. Another company plans to reinvent how consumers participate in the “New World” after COVID-19. […]

Covid Vaccine with 95% Efficiency from Moderna

OnePlus Loses McLaren Contract

Reddit is the internet landscape where anything can be uncovered. Information that’s often not meant to be leaked appears on these forums, with the most recent regarding the partnership between McLaren Racing and OnePlus. Several users on Reddit revealed that McLaren Racing removed OnePlus from their “Official List of Partners – 2020 F1 Season”. Those […]

Trump Agrees to Biden Transition

Apple Stores Reopening in Four American States

State Economies in America are beginning to reopen, allowing for conventional retailers to resume operations under the new normal. Multiple retail corporations have announced their remittance into traditional markets, including Apple. PR Representatives announced that they’d be reopening locations in the United States of America, which follows after these locations shut down for 60+ days. […]

Trump Agrees to Biden Transition