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Covid Surge in America Expected After Thanksgiving

Doctor Anthony Fauci from the United States has issued new warnings for Covid-19. Considered an expert in infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci emphasised to Americans that multiple surges of coronavirus will follow after Thanksgiving & cause thousands of deaths before December 24th. Warnings from Doctor Fauci extended towards Christmas & Boxing Day, mentioning that surge levels […]

The UK Banned from European Travel

Covid Vaccine with 95% Efficiency from Moderna

The Moderna Pharmaceutical Company announced that they’d developed a vaccination that’s 95% effective against the coronavirus. No other corporation or scientific institution has announced a vaccine that supports efficiency ratings of 95%, making Moderna’s announcement prominent in the medical community. Permitting that vaccine efficiency is accurate to Moderna’s assessment, it’d be a turning point against […]

The UK Banned from European Travel

Covid-19 Screening Application Released by Apple

The Apple Company confirmed the launching of its latest application and website, which provides screening and medical information on Covid-19. This follows after the Apple Company partnered with the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, the Federal Government and Emergency Management Agency. All three parties provided Apple with accurate information on the coronavirus. Those downloading […]

The UK Banned from European Travel

Plague Inc Receiving Backlash from Coronavirus Officials

Governing authorities are warning global consumers now to trust the educational value provided by Plague Inc, which is available across all mobile devices and entertainment consoles. Any video game that enforces an educational format that teaches players how diseases are spread is creating additional concerns. Multiple players could take the recent coronavirus as in-sequential. This […]

The UK Banned from European Travel