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Apple Disregards Congress Demands to Eliminate Monopolies

The Microsoft Company is appalled at legislation enacted against them by Apple, effectively creating a Monopoly on their digital marketplace. Microsoft confirmed that Tim Cook forced the usage of a specific bill, which demands that all games on the Apple Store be a single release. This model goes directly against the “Microsoft xCloud Streaming Service”, […]

National Lockdown Announced for Israel

Ubisoft Terminates Several Top-Level Executives

Abuse & harassment in the workplace has become a reignited subject throughout multiple companies. None have proven safe, with brands that were once considered trustworthy being revealed to be bullish. This was confirmed with Ubisoft, a video game corporation headquartered out of Paris. Weeks prior revealed allegations against multiple executives in the Ubisoft Corporation Division, […]

National Lockdown Announced for Israel

Warner Brothers Gaming Division Being Sold

Certain sectors in the entertainment industry saw minimal losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, with others facing drastic profit margin failures. This extended towards Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, with their film studio suffering significant losses since March 2020. When looking towards the gaming division of Warner Brothers, profits didn’t drop believe a 2.3 percentage. The Warner […]

Apple Disregards Congress Demands to Eliminate Monopolies

Plague Inc Receiving Backlash from Coronavirus Officials

Governing authorities are warning global consumers now to trust the educational value provided by Plague Inc, which is available across all mobile devices and entertainment consoles. Any video game that enforces an educational format that teaches players how diseases are spread is creating additional concerns. Multiple players could take the recent coronavirus as in-sequential. This […]

America Hits 200+ Thousand COVID Deaths

Caesars Entertainment link-up with the NFL continues to grow

The National Football League’s link-up with Caesars Entertainment earlier this year raised plenty of eyebrows across the world, but it is one which appears to be benefiting both parties. The deal has undoubtedly raised exposure of the gambling industry as a whole, placing sites like Jackpot City Casino and others firmly in the public eye. […]

Apple Disregards Congress Demands to Eliminate Monopolies