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Warner Brothers Gaming Division Being Sold

Certain sectors in the entertainment industry saw minimal losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, with others facing drastic profit margin failures. This extended towards Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, with their film studio suffering significant losses since March 2020. When looking towards the gaming division of Warner Brothers, profits didn’t drop believe a 2.3 percentage. The Warner […]

Pokemon Players Receive DLC Refund

YouTube Music Live in Canada

May marked the date when the Alphabet Company announced it’d releases a Transfer Tool for Google Play Music, to YouTube Music. This corporation maintains the Google brand & informed their clientele in 2018 that their older Music Streaming Platform would be phased out by 2020. It appears that the timeline is still in motion, with […]

New Face Mask for Tech Junkies

Plague Inc Receiving Backlash from Coronavirus Officials

Governing authorities are warning global consumers now to trust the educational value provided by Plague Inc, which is available across all mobile devices and entertainment consoles. Any video game that enforces an educational format that teaches players how diseases are spread is creating additional concerns. Multiple players could take the recent coronavirus as in-sequential. This […]

Pokemon Players Receive DLC Refund