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Betting Slip Mistakes Are A Costly Affair


It is easy to quickly fill in your betting slip when you’re a veteran and have completed many over the years. But when you do make a mistake, it can be a costly affair, one that could leave you without a win worth £200k.

In Loughborough England, that is what happened to a 60-year-old punter, David Smith lost £189,000 when he filled in his accumulator slip incorrectly. Everyone has some fear for some; it is height; others don’t like the dark, snakes or even spiders. If you’re a keen sports bettor, the biggest concern is to place a winning bet, only to find out later, you made an error on your betting slip.

How Did The Error Happen?

In David Smith’s case, it seems like an easy mistake to make. When he completed his betting slip, he made what an annoying error is. He wrote down Bailarico instead of Bianco. Bailarice ended up in third place at Goodwood, and Bianco won in Perth. Some say it is the way the owners picks the names; others argue that you should double-check your slip, before handing over your money.

Can You Correct Your Slip Afterwards?

Smith said he did realize his mistake and notified the staff at Betfred of his mistake well before the race. The staff was helpful and told him that his bet would be corrected and count. So he showed up to collect his money, but when he checked his payout. The sixth bet was utterly void; it means that it cost him a win of almost £200, and he only got paid £23,000. It’s a staggering amount of cash to lose, especially when you did try and correct your error.

Who Is In The Wrong?

There are the rules by the bookies that warns bettors to complete their betting slips correctly. But then the staff did assure him that his bet would count. The question goes back to human error and how far bookmakers should go to assist someone that realizes his/her mistake. In the case of David Smith, he did report his mistake and asked for help to correct it. But is it the bookmaker’s task to correct slips of all punters who want to change their bets?

Legally, should bookmakers be responsible for changing someone’s bet? What would have happened if they did and Bailarico won? Would Smith still be upset? It could then have ended up in a massive battle as the bookmaker changed the bet and not the punter.

Bookmaker or Punter, Who Gets Your Vote

Underneath it, all the punter error vs bookmaker lack of correction is Bailarico, the name of the horse is inspired by fold dance in Portuguese. Who do you vote was correct, the bookmaker for not changing a punter’s slip? Would you want any bookmaker to make changes to your betting slips? Do you think the bookmaker should have done David Smith favour?