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Belarus Protests Get Worse


Law enforcement in Belarus has become more violent & sadistic in recent days, which follows after weeks of protests from the Belarusian people. Thousands again roared that President Alexander Lukashenko steps down. Law enforcement responded by arresting 50 Belarusian citizens in “Peaceful Manners”. Belarus police have often determined their violent arrests, not brutality, with video evidence showing law enforcement walking towards innocent bystanders & spraying them with bear mace.

The Belarusian people have refused to stop protesting, with September 27th marking the 50th day of continued protests. It all began with the August 2020 presidential vote was hacked by President Alexander Lukashenko. His electoral commission stated that his 6th term was won with 80% of the votes. However, Belarus’s opposition government said that Alexander Lukashenko cheated to win the election & had obtained 40% of the vote. The opposition received 60%.

Alexander Lukashenko isn’t the legitimate President or Leader of Belarus. That’s the case for the mass majority of Alexander’s former people, and several nations throughout the European Union have now clarified Lukashenko as an illegitimate leader. The United States of America also disavowed President Alexander Lukashenko from international relations. However, this hasn’t altered the communist mentality of Alexander & has resulted in an influx of violence throughout Belarus.

Law enforcement has stated any Belarusian found at protests is considered “Disobedient to the State” and will be arrested. Video evidence shows civilians living in nearby apartment buildings to protests being harassed, with stun grenades & tear gas being thrown into their homes. Once civilians living in these apartment buildings are forced outside, video evidence shows them being beaten horrifically & thrown into an unmarked police vehicle.

Mink Faces 7th Week of Protests.

The Belarus capital of Minsk saw its 7th week of continued violence, with law enforcement in the capital acting more like military police & hauling away Belarusians without any laid charges. It should be noted that Alexander Lukashenko has refused to peacefully transfer his power for 10+ years, with the President leading for 26 years. His connections to Vladimir Putin have made him nearly untouchable. Civilians in Belarus continue to hope that the opposition’s leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, will one day become their President & free the Belarusians.