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Cristiano Ronaldo pays €19 million fine for tax evasion to avoid jail sentence

Christiano Ronaldo, the football superstar, had to pay a fine worth almost ‎€19 million to avoid the jail sentence of twenty-three months in Spain for tax fraud on Tuesday. Ronaldo was accused in 2017 for four counts of tax evasion. The periods include 2011 to 2014. It was claimed by the Spanish prosecutor that the […]

SMBC Singapore Open Brings Winning Sounds to the Hearts of Jazz

He shares his name with the improvisational music genres, which could be the reason why he marched to the tune of a different drum on the 20th of January when he won $1 million. One thing is for sure, few others had the hope of keeping up with the rhythm of Jazz Janewattananond at the […]

Fears Rise as Total Lunar Eclipse Near – Blood Moon 2019

As it passes earth’s shadow, full moon in January takes on an ominous red shade. The blood moon will appear in the Western Hemisphere between the dates of the 20th of January and the 22nd of January. The event is hyped by Christian conspiracy theorists as an urgent warning sign that the biblical prophecy is […]

Conspiracy Frenzy – Elvis Presley

The king of rock, Elvis Presley’s hidden autopsy reports and notes have sparked up a whole new conspiracy frenzy. The whole world is shocked, and most hope that the latest news is true, if so, it would mean the king is alive and have received medical care at a private institution based in a secret […]

Lucky Pensioner Winning $1 Million Dollars After Discovering His Wife Had Beaten Cancer.

For Harold McDowell, currently on pension, the day started out with the amazing news that his wife has beaten cancer, yet the day had a few other surprises in store, well actually 1 million of them, which left this lucky man dumbfounded! Harold McDowell says the best news of the day was that his wife […]

Wahtye’s Tomb Discovered

An Egyptian found ancient hieroglyphs and statues, these included discovering of the tomb around 4,400-years-old and in almost perfect condition. It is the tomb of Wahtye who a high-ranking figure in religion or royal priest called the divine inspector. Wahtye had to be a highly respected figure and a person of great importance since he […]

South Africa Healer Claims He is ‘tired’ of Consuming Humans is Jailed for Life

Police officers have a lot to deal with, and most have heard a lot of strange confessions, although there might still be cases that even freak the officers out. South Africa is known for its violence and high crime rate, and it comes as no surprise that this strange case made the headlines around the […]

China Fines Employees Walking Less Than 180,000 Steps!

It might sound like a joke, although it a company in China fined its employees for not walking 180,000 steps in one month and come under fire for this action. The company’s name is not revealed, although it is a real estate firm according to the Times, situated in Guangzhou that has been reported for […]

More Suicides Than in Past 50 Years in USA

Drug overdoses and suicides in the last year pushed up the deaths in the US and continues to decline the live expectancy of Americans. In 2017 there were over 2.8 million deaths in the USA, which showed an increase compared to the previous year of 70,000. It was the highest number of deaths in a […]

Furry Erotica Adult Site Hacked

While most can hardly believe that such a site exists, thousands of others are now most upset that the adult video game website was hacked, this time it is quite a worry for adults who enjoy sexualised animals. Around half a million subscribers are majorly upset as the hackers got hold of their details. Have […]