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Spain Enters 2nd Covid Lockdown

The country of Spain has been fighting a hard battle again, the Covid-19 pandemic. After reopening the country after a long and arduous first wave of the virus, the country has once again seen infections climbing at a rapid pace. This has resulted in the country declaring a national state of emergency and implementing a […]

The Sadistic Behaviour of China CCP Continues

China’s Communist Party has broken countless international policies, avoided democratic negotiations with governments, and committed sadistic crimes that’ve left individuals permanently damaged. No government other than America has stood against the Chinese Community Party, having concerns that voiced outrage could result in tariffs or elimination of exporting. Civilian personnel living in Hong Kong, an independent […]

Coronavirus Survives for 28 Days in Lab Conditions

The Australian National Science Agency has released new data regarding the COVID-19 virus. It follows after the ANSA held a prolonged experiment in specialized lab conditions for two months. Findings were triple checked & data revealed that the coronavirus could live on surfaces like phone screens for 28 days. Other surfaces that sustain COVID-19 for […]

Singapore’s Changi Airport is Suffering

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting Singapore’s latest aviation hub, named Changi Airport. Executives governing over this aviation facility have issued warnings for employed workforces, investors, and travellers. Changi Airport in Singapore confirmed daunting periods lay before them & the coronavirus pandemic will force the world’s best airport to lose profits eight years after initial completion. […]

Belarus Protests Get Worse

Law enforcement in Belarus has become more violent & sadistic in recent days, which follows after weeks of protests from the Belarusian people. Thousands again roared that President Alexander Lukashenko steps down. Law enforcement responded by arresting 50 Belarusian citizens in “Peaceful Manners”. Belarus police have often determined their violent arrests, not brutality, with video […]

America Hits 200+ Thousand COVID Deaths

As the world continues its fight against the coronavirus, the United States announced its death toll relating to the virus has surpassed 200,000. The data was released from Johns Hopkins University in a report detailing the impact the virus has had on the U.S and its continued battle to try to get things under control. […]

National Lockdown Announced for Israel

Most countries have turned a blind eye towards the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months, with politicians & large percentages of their respective populations believing that societal engagements shouldn’t end because 1% of the population is dying. Nations that’ve adopted this mentality included the United States of America, Brazil, and India. Multiple countries have taken the […]

Japan and South Korea Brace for Typhoon Haishen

The Hurricane & Typhoon seasons have started worldwide, with civilians living on coastlines having to be evacuated from their homes regularly. This was once again seen throughout Japan, with 200+ thousand citizens being informed to evacuate their areas amid an approaching storm. Named Typhoon Haishen, it’ll make landfall in Japan by September 6th. It’ll bring […]

Donald Trump Attacks Democrats Over Portland

The President of America, Donald Trump, has begun targeting Joe Biden & the Democratic Political Party for the violence that’s unfolded in Portland. The state of Oregon has seen an influx of riots throughout the Portland region after Minneapolis law enforcement killed George Floyd, and now it’s happened again to Jacob Black from the state […]

Donald Trump’s Sister Attacks His Character

Those standing against Donald Trump, the President of the United States, were pleasantly surprised when his eldest sister referenced her brothers’ character. These references weren’t positive, as the majority of Trump family members have disassociated themselves with Donald. Leaked recordings from Maryanne Trump Barry were released from her niece, Mary Trump. Maryanne’s niece released a […]