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Sleepwalking into Financial Crisis

Gordon Brown, former PM said in a press conference that the world is sleepwalking into a massive financial crisis, part of his analysis of unresolved 2009 problems. Brown, the former Labour Party leader, took over in 2007 from Tony Blair, said the leaderless world closes their eyes as the neared the 2008 – early 2009 […]

Smokers Have Higher Risk to Develop Dementia

Researchers have recently discovered that smoking can damage both your brain health as well as your heart health. So the question is, does smoking increase your chances of memory loss later in life? A brand-new study by researchers in South Kora at the Seoul National University Hospital suggests that it does. The South Korean researchers […]

Questions We Should Be Asking About Central Banks

US, EU and UK politicians have complained about the central bank decision, but none of these has included interest rates and that it should be put back into politicians’ hands. One of the questions most asked is what do Jerome Powell, Mario Draghi and Mark Carney think about when they go to bed, productivity, GDP […]

New Health Developments – Evolution Good or A Force Threatening Civilization

Evolution is it something we should tempt to outsmart or a force that should be seen as a force that threatens the existence of civilisation the way we know it. Resistance to antibiotics, cancers, and even bedbugs are spreading because of one thing, and that is because they evolve, manage to outsmart all the efforts […]