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Cricket World Cup Recap

The Cricket World Cup has been gripping the attention of cricket fans internationally, and all are focused on England. So far weather played along well, and rain caused only one delay this far in the tournament. By now all the teams have played at least one game. Some caused reason for joy and others tend […]

Thorpe Says Blackjack is Fascinating

Many think the book on blackjack that was written by Dr Edward Thorp is exaggerating. But it is not as it all started back in 1962 when hardly anyone believed that it was merely a game of luck. Thorp, then a university professor stared using his computer to work on a system. He wanted to […]

Iowa Welcomes Legal Sports Betting

Sportsbook legalisation is taking place in the United States at rapid speed, and Iowa is the latest to join the legal sports betting market. This follows as the sports betting bill was signed on Monday by Gov, Kim Reynolds. Bill SF617 allows land-based casinos, mobile betting and online sports betting. The regulatory body is the […]

Judd Leads in 2019 World Championship

In the World Championship, John Higgins is led by Judd Trump by 12-5 in the final at Crucible Theatre. Trump produced a phenomenal display at the open and lead by 12-5 over Higgins and took control of the crucible final of the World Championship. At first, both players tied at 4-4, that was after the […]

Suicide Attempt Puts Garcia in Hospital

Sunny Garcia, the surfing legend spend time in the Portland hospital’s intensive care after a suicide attempt. The World Surf League confirmed the hospitalisation of the 49-year-old surfer in a statement. The WSL’s Twitter message included that it was with heavy hearts that it is confirmed that one of the greatest in and out water […]

Celtic Could Sign Scottish Players This Summer

Should Celtic be on the lookout for new useful players this summer, there are quite a few great options in Scotland. There is a bit of rebuilding that needs to be done at the end of the season. Celtic fans hope that some of the quality players from abroad would be part of the selection. […]

Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad Maintain Grip on Sports and His Level of Power

Sheikh Ahmad is linked to a bride scheme, yet due to his power, he remains involved in soccer shows. It is a testament to how the most influential sports figures often have the power to maintain their grip on things. Mariyam Mohammed felt that after over a decade of women’s soccer involvement she could make […]

A man from Florida Purchases Island Worth $8 Million One Week & Steals $300 The Week After

The Florida man denies all allegation of stealing goods to the value of $300 and blames a commercial dispute that then led to his arrest. The products worth $300 was taken from Kmart only one week after the man spine $8 million on buying an island. Andrew Lippi from spending $8 million in a week […]

Odds to Win the Iron Throne? Las Vegas Expresses A Different View

The most favoured betting option according to Entertainment News is on who would end up on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones’ final season. As the start of season 8 gets neared and judging by the trailers released, things get intense for the friend and Stark Family. As the epic battle is about to […]

Dealer Mistakes? $41.5 Million Loss in Baccarat – High Roller Refuse to Pay

The news of a high roller refusing to pay a baccarat loss worth $41.5 million made headlines everywhere, and the reason for his refusal is that the dealer made mistakes. But to understand the situation you have to start at the beginning. A baccarat whale from Singapore decided to visit the Star Gold Coast Casino […]