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South Africa’s Multi-Billion Gambling Industry Reach R390 Billion in 2018

Gambling in South Africa is a multi-billion-rand industry that in 2018 brought in R30 billion in gross winnings. The figure includes bingo, horse racing and sports betting, although the most significant portion is drawn from on-land casinos. Casino Revenue in South Africa In South Africa, the 2018 figures show that gambling brought in a total […]

The Joyful Secrets of Casino Gaming

Should you ask a gambler what the joyful secrets are of playing at casinos, the answer comes quickly and without much thought. Winning, it makes sense since we all play to win, and nothing beats the enjoyment of winning. Although, winning is not the only joy of gambling when you focus and listen you learn […]

Betting Slip Mistakes Are A Costly Affair

It is easy to quickly fill in your betting slip when you’re a veteran and have completed many over the years. But when you do make a mistake, it can be a costly affair, one that could leave you without a win worth £200k. In Loughborough England, that is what happened to a 60-year-old punter, […]

Sportsbetting in New Jersey Leads in May

New Jersey takes the lead in sportsbetting; it’s time for Nevada to move down a position for the new leader in betting on sports events. It was a long shot when Gov Chris Christie decided it is time to legalize sportsbetting; not many had hope that he would get his way in the Supreme Court. […]

Kenney Beats 79 to Win $1,432,264

It is every participant’s dream to walk away with the ultimate win when he enters a poker tournament. Not many achieve it, but those who do win a massive amount of cash, just like Bryn Kenney did! 2019 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series at Maestral Casino and Resort Kenney managed to best 79 participants […]

The UKGC Makes Gambling Perfect

Cash strapped governments across Europe was the first to look for alternative ways to reduce budget gaps. It means the governments became now more eager than ever to embrace online gambling; after all, it is and was always a lucrative source of income was previously viewed only with scepticism. The opposition to online betting in […]

Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino Empire

Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino opened in 1990, and it was his third casino, this time the cost was $1 billion, It is also part of the Atlantic City casino, and today the Taj Mahal Casino is under new ownership. At the start, it was called the eighth wonder of the world, and Trump’s new casino […]

Trump’s Casino Empire

Forbes calls it the Trump Palace Casino that wasn’t. Others say Donald Trump’s Casinos could not make Atlantic City great again. Calvin Ayre calls it the rise and fall of the casino empire of Trump and other just revers to it as ghost hotels. Why Could Trump Not Make Atlantic City Casino Great Again? Regardless […]

Santa Anita Park Deaths Draws Attention

Equine Death Concern This week Derby River became the 27th horse which had to be euthanized after training at the track in California. According to the veterinarians at the equine hospital, his injury was of such a kind that operating was not a viable option and the horse had to be euthanized. These 27 fatalities […]

Cricket World Cup Recap

The Cricket World Cup has been gripping the attention of cricket fans internationally, and all are focused on England. So far weather played along well, and rain caused only one delay this far in the tournament. By now all the teams have played at least one game. Some caused reason for joy and others tend […]