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International NYE Restrictions in 2020

Worldwide, Civilians wanted to celebrate the upcoming year & mark their goodbyes to an unfortunate year surrounding numerous atrocities. Those making celebratory preparations were informed to terminate all indoor & outdoor activities on December 31st. International governments are citing the pandemic behind celebrations being cancelled, with outbreak scenarios being avoided after cases increases worldwide following […]

Saudi Female Activist Arrested Amidst Corruption

Campaigning for female rights hasn’t lessened in Saudi Arabia, even with the advancement of women being permitted to drive. Government personnel are proving themselves as vengeful again after confirming they’ve implemented an additional five-year sentencing onto Loujain Al-Hathloul. This female activist is the reason women are permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia now. She was […]

The UK Banned from European Travel

Travel restrictions have turned into temporary bans for multiple nations allowing residents into the United Kingdom. Aggressive actions between European states is growing, with an enhanced & more potent version of Covid-19 lingering over the Union after flourishing in the Netherlands. That coronavirus strain entered UK Borders, prompting a drastic rate of Covid cases being […]

Electoral College Confirms Biden as Next President

Joe Biden is undoubtedly the next President of America, which was confirmed on December 14th after the “US Electoral College Votes” were recounted multiple times. It marks the final step towards Biden receiving office by January 2020, which was evidently clear before recounts were compiled. November’s Election saw Joe Biden acquire 306 Electoral Votes, with […]

Covid Vaccinations Begin in Russia

Democratic nations worldwide are entering the beginning stages of distributing vaccines for Covid-19. Those vaccinations are supplied through Pfizer Pharmaceutical & Moderna Pharmaceutical, two international corporations established in the United States. Communist China & Russia aren’t purchasing vaccines from these Pharmaceutical corporations, selecting to engage with homegrown vaccinations. Civilian personnel from China & Russia aren’t […]

Covid Surge in America Expected After Thanksgiving

Doctor Anthony Fauci from the United States has issued new warnings for Covid-19. Considered an expert in infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci emphasised to Americans that multiple surges of coronavirus will follow after Thanksgiving & cause thousands of deaths before December 24th. Warnings from Doctor Fauci extended towards Christmas & Boxing Day, mentioning that surge levels […]

Trump Agrees to Biden Transition

Transitioning from President of the United States was never going to be an easily accomplished task for Donald Trump. Initially, Trump had suggested that he wouldn’t leave office without a prominent fight & would demand that the election be recounted. Though those demands are still being evoked by President Donald Trump, he has accepted the […]

Covid Vaccine with 95% Efficiency from Moderna

The Moderna Pharmaceutical Company announced that they’d developed a vaccination that’s 95% effective against the coronavirus. No other corporation or scientific institution has announced a vaccine that supports efficiency ratings of 95%, making Moderna’s announcement prominent in the medical community. Permitting that vaccine efficiency is accurate to Moderna’s assessment, it’d be a turning point against […]

America’s Next President is Likely Joe Biden

The United States 2020 Election has unfolded with notable drama & expected reactions from both parties. Most analyzed that President Donald Trump would win a second term. However, his implicating efforts to remove Mail-In Ballots wasn’t accomplished. It’s meant that since Election Day, multiple votes across America have been issued & called. Most ballots that’ve […]

Two Dead From Sword in Quebec on Halloween Night

Canadians were shocked to learn that a horrific & haunting event occurred on October 31st. It was announced by law enforcement in Quebec City that an unnamed individual had attack five civilians during Halloween night. This man dressed in medieval clothing & dawned a sword while walking around Old Quebec City, a historic neighborhood, during […]