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Sports Stadiums Just Left Behind

For many sports fans, stadiums are the home away from home. It’s a happy place where everyone gets to cheer for their favourite team, enjoy different types of food and celebrate great wins. Weekends are for visiting a sports stadium near your home, meet up with your friends, grab snacks and watch sporting action. Nothing […]

How A £13.2 Million Progressive Jackpot Win Changed the Life of British Soldier, Jon Heywood

No one knows why Heywood decided on that day to open an online casino account, but you bet he is thankful every day that he did. It was only 25 minutes into his membership at one of the major online casinos that his whole life has been changed forever. Not many big winners allow their […]

EuroMillions Winner Loves Cornish Pastries

Some call him the chubbiest high roller. However, others are increasingly concerned about Adrian Bayford, the Lotto tycoon who won £148million and became the wealthiest lottery winner in the United Kingdom. Adrian Bayford won the EuroMillions jackpot worth £148 million in 2012, he then purchased a mansion at £6.5 million and not long after closed […]

Toughest Pool Player

High-stakes poker and billiards are maybe not riveting sports for spectators, yet with a bit of a twist, it did become a huge hit as Television entertainment. The one question that remained unanswered for a long time was who is the toughest when it comes to pool players. It is this question that started the […]

Despite a Massive 40-0 Defeat One Incredible Football Team is Still Smiling

News articles normally focus on the biggest wins or the football player scoring the most goals. Yet a recent article in the Mirror told the tail of one of the bravest football teams, which still managed to smile after suffering a defeat of 40-0. Being at the wrong end of the hammer is not easy, […]

Ageless Paes’ Racket Still Has Many Games in Future

Leander Paes has won 18 Grand Slam mixed doubles and men’s titles, it is his 28th season on tour, and yet the 45-year-old has no plan to hand up his tennis racket. Leander Paes is more focussed on reinventing himself to keep on track with the changes in professional tennis than ending his amazing career.  […]

Cristiano Ronaldo pays €19 million fine for tax evasion to avoid jail sentence

Christiano Ronaldo, the football superstar, had to pay a fine worth almost ‎€19 million to avoid the jail sentence of twenty-three months in Spain for tax fraud on Tuesday. Ronaldo was accused in 2017 for four counts of tax evasion. The periods include 2011 to 2014. It was claimed by the Spanish prosecutor that the […]

SMBC Singapore Open Brings Winning Sounds to the Hearts of Jazz

He shares his name with the improvisational music genres, which could be the reason why he marched to the tune of a different drum on the 20th of January when he won $1 million. One thing is for sure, few others had the hope of keeping up with the rhythm of Jazz Janewattananond at the […]

Fears Rise as Total Lunar Eclipse Near – Blood Moon 2019

As it passes earth’s shadow, full moon in January takes on an ominous red shade. The blood moon will appear in the Western Hemisphere between the dates of the 20th of January and the 22nd of January. The event is hyped by Christian conspiracy theorists as an urgent warning sign that the biblical prophecy is […]

Conspiracy Frenzy – Elvis Presley

The king of rock, Elvis Presley’s hidden autopsy reports and notes have sparked up a whole new conspiracy frenzy. The whole world is shocked, and most hope that the latest news is true, if so, it would mean the king is alive and have received medical care at a private institution based in a secret […]