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New Face Mask for Tech Junkies

Technological advancements in our world continuously move forward, with some having substantial effects on the global level & others being pointless. Products like Smart TVs, Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Smart Home Technologies have altered the way civilians engage in our daily routines. Another company plans to reinvent how consumers participate in the “New World” after COVID-19. […]

Pokemon Players Receive DLC Refund

The Nintendo Company – America Division, has found itself facing temporary issues with their 1st Expansion Pass for “Pokemon Sword & Shield”. Each iteration of this game has its respective downloadable content, with large percentages of gamers getting confused on which they’re to select. Targeted for children above the age of ten, these youngsters aren’t […]

Warner Brothers Gaming Division Being Sold

Certain sectors in the entertainment industry saw minimal losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, with others facing drastic profit margin failures. This extended towards Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, with their film studio suffering significant losses since March 2020. When looking towards the gaming division of Warner Brothers, profits didn’t drop believe a 2.3 percentage. The Warner […]

YouTube Music Live in Canada

May marked the date when the Alphabet Company announced it’d releases a Transfer Tool for Google Play Music, to YouTube Music. This corporation maintains the Google brand & informed their clientele in 2018 that their older Music Streaming Platform would be phased out by 2020. It appears that the timeline is still in motion, with […]

Moto GFast Leaked Online

The Motorola Company accidentally has leaked its upcoming phone, which is named the “Moto G Fast”. Tech analysts suspect that this information was purposely leaked from insiders within the company, noting that it’ll join the Moto G8 Series. It’ll be considered their cheapest option within this series to date, supposedly costing less than $500 in […]

OnePlus Loses McLaren Contract

Reddit is the internet landscape where anything can be uncovered. Information that’s often not meant to be leaked appears on these forums, with the most recent regarding the partnership between McLaren Racing and OnePlus. Several users on Reddit revealed that McLaren Racing removed OnePlus from their “Official List of Partners – 2020 F1 Season”. Those […]

Low Sales for Pixel Four Series

The Google Corporation is finding itself in an unfavourable position with its Pixel Division. This follows after sales have declined rapidly over the last twelve months, with their 4th Edition of Pixel Phone not performing to expected valuations. Google had anticipated that their 3rd and 4th Edition would obtain critical success in similar fashions to […]

Apple Stores Reopening in Four American States

State Economies in America are beginning to reopen, allowing for conventional retailers to resume operations under the new normal. Multiple retail corporations have announced their remittance into traditional markets, including Apple. PR Representatives announced that they’d be reopening locations in the United States of America, which follows after these locations shut down for 60+ days. […]

Samsung Maintaining Manufacturing in South Korea

The Samsung Company was determining moving production and manufacturing after the novel coronavirus infected one of their Operating Plants in South Korea. The Gumi Plant has been shut down since early March, with workforces being informed to remain under self-quarantine conditions for their safety and the communities. Executives with Samsung were considering switching production over […]

Messenger Room Released by Facebook

The Facebook Company is continuously releasing new products, often adapting features from its competitors and implementing with their respective products. This has happened again with the introduction of Messenger Rooms, which is identical to the videoconferencing platform Zoom. This follows after the coronavirus pandemic prompted an international requirement for video messaging services, with Zoom dominating […]