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Apple Stores Reopening in Four American States


State Economies in America are beginning to reopen, allowing for conventional retailers to resume operations under the new normal. Multiple retail corporations have announced their remittance into traditional markets, including Apple. PR Representatives announced that they’d be reopening locations in the United States of America, which follows after these locations shut down for 60+ days.

Four States are permitting Apple to resume its retail operations. Those include South Carolina, Idaho, Alaska, and Alabama. The Apple Company has worked hard to reopen to international locations. Retail shops in China, Australia, and Germany have also begun operations in the COVID-19 world. Details on when additional locations in the United States will reopen, these PR Representatives couldn’t clarify. Their headquarter-established state of California is refusing to open their economy, with this also following for New York and Washington. Nations like Great Britain won’t permit Apple to resume operations either. What this all means in the long haul to recovering from COVID-19 is far from over for Apple.

Consumers in Alaska, Alabama, Idaho, and South Carolina have questioned how many locations will reopen. It was revealed that six retail locations would open, with those being the maximum number in those respective states. It’s surprising when considering Apple operates more than 271 locations in America, with that number extending to 510 worldwide. It should be noted that world government keep stating the “New Normal”, which means multiple changes to everyday life. This applies to global corporations like the Apple Company, who will have to enforce social distancing measures. This means a maximum of 10+ consumers are permitted in-store simultaneously. Customers will be required to wear masks and will be encouraged to use the pick-up option instead.

Required Protocols for Employees

Those employed by the Apple Company will be required to receive daily temperature checks, which will be sustained hourly. Employed personnel will be required to wear “Apple Approved” face masks and sanitize their hands frequently. Details on if the approved masks will include the “Apple Face Shield” for healthcare works, with CNBC and Bloomberg both speculating that these premium masks will be supplied to six locations across North America. It should be mentioned that temperature checks are required for customers as well.