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Apple Maps Redesigned


The Apple Company confirmed in January 2020 that they’d unveil a new version of Apple Maps following the public rollout of iOS 13. Consumers have received insightful details regarding the new features and design alterations to Apple’s mapping service. For the 1st time in five-years, iOS will have a mapping technology that competes against Google Maps. It’ll be available for all iPads and iPhones supporting the iOS 13 upgrade. One of the most significant features arriving at this upgrade is the ETA Service.

This will enable supporters to keep contacts up-to-date with your time of arrival and pre-destined location. This feature is being praised for the safety benefits it offers to a woman. Another upgrade includes “Look Around”, which is directly copied from Google’s Street View. Those walking metropolises like Chicago or New York City can use Look Around to determine their surroundings quickly.

The Apple Company noted that iOS 13 provides multiple safety features for parents. This includes a swiping keyboard which doesn’t allow for any variation of swearing. Apple is implementing this feature in efforts to limit cyberbullying and ignorant behaviour amongst young adults. Most are overlooking this upgrade to the texting service, which can be opted-out in the settings. The main focus is Apple Maps Navigation, which in recent memory has struggled to direct its supporters through proper traffic routes. It’s prompted an increase in crashes and users being lost in unknown destinations. iOS 13.1 hopes to solve these issues while also giving iPhone owners more safety protocols.

Apple Users Benefit More

It should be noted that the Share ETA Button works with any mobile device in North America, Europe and Asia. Consumers that send ETAs to individuals with iPhones will receive more than your standard text message. A link will be provided that displays the route of friends or family members, allowing you to follow them similarly to SkipTheDishes or Uber. This will require individuals to maintain an iPhone 10 or higher, with iOS 13 not being supported with the 8th edition of the iPhone. There hasn’t been any confirmation of the rumoured police option with Apple Maps, which would inform local law enforcement of any standard problems relating to a respective citizen. This information would be provided via microphone recordings, secret pictures and GPS locations.