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Apple Disregards Congress Demands to Eliminate Monopolies


The Microsoft Company is appalled at legislation enacted against them by Apple, effectively creating a Monopoly on their digital marketplace. Microsoft confirmed that Tim Cook forced the usage of a specific bill, which demands that all games on the Apple Store be a single release. This model goes directly against the “Microsoft xCloud Streaming Service”, which would’ve enabled Apple handset owners to access a multitude of Xbox titles from their smartphones.

It’s been revealed that Microsoft isn’t being permitted to release the xCloud Streaming Service on the Apple Store, meaning that Tim Cook disregarded the desires of consumers wanting to access their Xbox games via the iPhone 11. The core reason behind Tim Cook’s decision is to promote Apple’s Game Streaming Service, which will be named “The Apple Game Pass”.

Tim Cook’s Apple has created a monopoly by enforcing this legislation to Microsoft but disregarding it for their business endeavours. Cook made this decision days after the United States Congress demanded that largescale technology conglomerates like Apple & Amazon no-longer force monopolies onto their competition. This results in lack of innovation across the board, which is evident in the smartphone industry. Apple wants to guarantee that change in the mobile gaming industry is exclusive to their brand & operating system.

Gamers wanting to access the xCloud Streaming Service are now required to own an Android smartphone before September 1st. Those that switch over to Android from Apple will receive 100+ free games from the Xbox Store, with those titles being accessible based on a monthly fee. Microsoft clarified that Apple has directly targeted their consumers by denying them access to cloud gaming.

Possible Lawsuit

It’s being speculated that when the Apple Company released their “Game Pass” for a monthly subscription, Microsoft will ensue a lawsuit against their efforts to impose monopolies. If this lawsuit occurs under the Congress Leadership of Donald Trump, then Apple will likely be forced to pay out a hefty fine to Microsoft & allow for the xCloud Streaming Service to operate freely on their App Store. Most gamers supporting this service hope that a lawsuit is inevitable and that Microsoft will receive their vindication.