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America’s Next President is Likely Joe Biden


The United States 2020 Election has unfolded with notable drama & expected reactions from both parties. Most analyzed that President Donald Trump would win a second term. However, his implicating efforts to remove Mail-In Ballots wasn’t accomplished. It’s meant that since Election Day, multiple votes across America have been issued & called. Most ballots that’ve been mailed lean towards Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. November 7th saw the Democratic Candidate lead with 253/270 electoral college votes.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is witnessing victory across Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. Standing victorious over these states will permit Joe Biden into becoming the 45th President of the United States. It’d see President Donald Trump removed from office in January 2021, marking his reign of four years over. There are concerns that POTUS will need to be forcibly removed from office after making claims he won’t leave.

Voting officials are continually counting the number of votes that are being mailed from across America. It’s prompted the most extended delay for a Presidential Election in two decades, showing the respective concern associated to votes after the 2016 Russian Hack. Knowing that he’ll likely win the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden has informed his supporters throughout Delaware that the Democratic Party is winning this race. These sentiments were evoked alongside California Senator Kamala Harris, who is likely to become the next Vice President of America. She would be the 2nd female Vice President & far more reliable than Hilary Clinton.

What Joe Biden Brings to the Table

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden informed his supporters that his Campaign Managers anticipate victory over 300 electoral college votes. Joe Biden also claims that more than 75 million people voted for his Campaign, which is greater than any other Candidate in US History. It shows the demand America has to remove Donald Trump from office & return to some sense of normal. It’s expected that when Joe Biden enters office, he’ll tackle critical issues created under Trump’s reign. That will include systemic racism, a struggling economy, and the lack of infrastructure for Covid-19. Under the leadership of President Joe Biden, America will receive some form of respect again on the international stage. It’s what America needs.