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Amazon Removes Thousands of Fake Coronavirus Cures


The coronavirus, it’s become one of the most researched and conversed subject matters globally. Countless products are available online that claimed to have protective products against the coronavirus. Considering that these unverified products were illegal, the Amazon Company announced that it removed the excess of one million products relating to the coronavirus. This followed after the World Health Organization began criticizing Amazon for allowing these overpriced products to be maintained. Masks were being sold for upwards of $100.00 or more.

It’s rumoured that more than three thousand people have been killed from the coronavirus. However, that number is being altered by countless fake reports. This is another aspect of misinformation that has the World Health Organization nervous. They’ve spent a prolonged period fighting against this misinformation. When you review the coronavirus on Amazon, products like novels on viral infections and disinfectant wipes are displayed. The associated costs are too extensive, which prompted Amazon to force lowered prices. Consumers can now purchase masks, wipes and any other medical products for $30.00 or less.

Cost Association for Health

The Amazon Company hasn’t issued any details regarding which products were removed or what products were forced to lower prices. The British Broadcasting Company collected personalized statistics regarding previous costs to the newer prices, with some products being the same. This included 50 Surgical Masks, which were being sold for $200.00 and have now returned to $36.00 after these forced changes. It should be noted that the substantial cost of surgical masks should be $10.00.

There’s also been the case of these mask-adjacent products being improperly advertised. Instead of being surgical masks, they are disposable or dust-resistant masks. Both aren’t capable of defending from the coronavirus. These illegal products extended to hand sanitizer as well, with its cost jumping from $2.00 to $50.00 in a matter of weeks. Countless financial analysts have expressed that creating these level of prices will force consumers to become resistant. It’s been seen numerous times throughout retail and online markets. These analysts believe Amazon didn’t want to destroy their trust with customers, forcing these sellers of their marketplace or to make immediate changes. Going forward, they plan to monitor the spikes in prices.