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A man from Florida Purchases Island Worth $8 Million One Week & Steals $300 The Week After


The Florida man denies all allegation of stealing goods to the value of $300 and blames a commercial dispute that then led to his arrest. The products worth $300 was taken from Kmart only one week after the man spine $8 million on buying an island.

Andrew Lippi from spending $8 million in a week to swopping/stealing $300 the next

The Miami Herald reported that the Key West Police officers arrested Andrew Lippi on Saturday. The felony charge against the 59-year-old Lippi is that of grand theft to the value of $300. According to authorities, the theft occurred between the dates of the 30th of March and the 5th of April. The items Lippi stole from the Kmart store includes a Hamilton Beach coffeemaker, Keurig coffeemaker, a bed skirt and eight light bulbs, totalling an amount of $300.59.

Lippi Blames Store Clerk for not Realising That The Incorrect Items were Returned

Lippi, according to the police report, bought the items at the store and then returned the original packaging or boxes, filled with other stuff inside. The box in which the Keurig coffeemaker was packed, was replaced with a basketball inside. The Hamilton Beach model coffee maker box contained an old used coffeemaker. Lippi continues to deny stealing anything from the store when he was asked about the basketball placed in the box of the Keurig coffee machine by KTO TV. He explained that it was the store clerk that should have realised that it contained no coffee machine, according to the weight of the box. When he was asked what happened with the light bulbs, he explained that he did return light bulbs as he realised he paid far too much for those. About the switching of the light bulbs, he merely said that he has no idea how they got swopped.

Still, Lippie denies all allegations and told the Miami Herald that the whole thing is complicated and he prefers not to get into it. He was released without bail and is due to face the charges in court on the 18th of April. The strangest part of the whole case is that the Lippi was arrested only one week after he purchased an island. The Thompson Island cost Lippi $8 million and is located off Key West. Lippie agreed to an interview by the Florida Keys News at the time and shared that he feels he would be living on the island for quite a while. Lippi is the owner of the Real World Resort, commonly known to be used for the MTV series’ 17th season.

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