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42 Die in California Wildfire


Seen as the deadliest blaze in the history of California, the recent wildfire resulted in the loss of 42 people’s lives. The victims simply could not escape the flames or before they could escape was overcome by smoke and was found next to vehicles, lying in the smouldering ruins of their homes or inside burned-out vehicles. Investigators had to use wire baskets in some cases to short through the small fragments of bone. According to the sheriff, hundreds of people were still unaccounted for, even when it was already four days after the fire completely swept Paradise of the map.

Retirement Community Called Paradise Home

Relatives and friends of missing persons called the shelters, police and hospitals and even the coroner’s office while the search for survivors dragged on, everyone was hoping to find their loved ones. The Paradise community consisted of a population of which over a quarter was over the age of 65. It was one of the most popular retirement homes in the area.

Relatives remained in panic as they had to find out what happened to their family, Tad Teays was still awaiting word on the well-being of his 90-year-old mother with dementia, while it was finding out about her half-brother that made it difficult for Darlina Duarte, as a diabetic he is largely housebound after losing his legs. At the same time others, like Barbara Hall was trying to find her ant in her 80s. Everyone was worried and wanted to know if their loved ones were stuck somewhere on the mountain, and with most of the elderly only having landlines it was impossible to get through. The longer the search was on, the more worried everyone got, and the busier the telephones at emergency services were.

Family members also started searching via Twitter, some from the other side of the continent as all they wanted to know was that their family was safe, due to emotional stress caused by the news of the burned down Paradise, mentally exhausted family members used every option to contact every possible form of an emergency service.

Outbreak of Wildfires Cause the Blaze

Two wildfires on both sides of the state caused the blaze which ended 44 lives. Two of these was from Southern California, to be exact from the celebrity-studded Malibu. Firefighters finally gained ground against the 143=square-mile blaze after it already destroyed over 370 structures. Thousands were forced by the fire to leave their homes, some could return, and all this led to authorities reopening the US101, which is a major highway through the fire zone in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

In Northern California, the firefighters faced flames encouraged by gusts of wind reaching up to 40 mph. The fire grew to an area of 177 square miles when authorities announced that the winds would weaken by Monday night and at that stage, the fire was 25% contained. In Northern California, the 29 dead matched the 1933 blaze, the deadliest fire on record, in Griffith Park. This wildfire in Los Angeles caused massive damage to Northern California’s wine country, where 44 people lost their lives that autumn and over 5,000 homes were destroyed.